Meet the Training Director

Meghan Prague


Meghan Prague is the owner and Director of Training at Pawsitive Foundations LLC, offering customized, in-home training using positive, force-free dog training and behavior modification methods. Pawsitive Foundations is both veterinarian and veterinary behaviorist recommended.

Meghan’s accreditations include:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

  • Catch Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT)

  • International Association of Behavior Consultants Supporting Member

  • American Safety & Health Institute Certified Pet First Aid

  • CGC Title of her 4 year old Cavalier

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Dog training to me is not just about teaching a few tricks, it’s about growing together, through our partnership, to offer your dog their best life possible.


Why is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Important?

A canine's personality is made up of wants and needs.  It is the owner's responsibility to learn about and provide for those needs to aid in forming a powerful and meaningful bond. By creating a pawsitive environment that meets both of your needs, you are setting a foundation for a successful and enjoyable future together.  With the use and practice of pawsitive reinforcement and negative punishment training, you will begin to see your furry family member in a whole new light.

Partnering with Pawsitive Foundations is a great way to start this process. Dog training to me is not just about teaching a few tricks, it's about growing together, through our partnership, to offer your dog their best life possible. We start at the foundation by learning about canine behavior and why dogs do what they do. We then move to bridging the gap between the skills we learn and real-life situations. 

My goal is to show you how to communicate with your dog, providing you with the relief of a happy and stress-free relationship.
Photo by huettenhoelscher/iStock / Getty Images

Mission Statement

Canines play a very important role in improving health in our society. Canines have proven their worth by providing companionship to the lonely and depressed, decreasing cardiovascular disease, assisting the handicapped, improving the safety and security through protection agencies and improving quality of life. Conversely, society has not protected this valuable resource. The incidence of abuse, euthanasia, and greed has led to a need for activists to come forward and give canines a voice. Pawsitive Foundations is one of these organizations.

We have a two-component mission to assist in this goal. Our main mission is spreading awareness of the value of obedience training to aid in the prevention of canine surrenders. By educating the community on the importance of training, using positive reinforcement, and negative punishment techniques, future surrenders will be prevented. The second mission is the creation of a 501c (3) animal rescue to provide shelter, medical care, enrichment, behavior modification, and socialization for homeless, adoptable companion animals. We will strive to provide each adopter with the tools they need to understand their new pet, preventing additional surrenders and guaranteeing each companion animal a forever home. 

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