We enjoy working with our clients and it shows! Check out the many positive reviews below and see even more on our Thumbtack and Facebook pages.


“Meghan was referred to me by my vet, and from the moment I called her to discuss a training program for my then 4 month old puppy/rescue, to the end of our (initial) time together, I was so impressed and thankful for her expertise, professionalism, and the genuine care she demonstrated. Each week, the pace and personalized exercises were patient and appropriate to the level of my pup’s place along the learning curve. And while I only engaged and contracted with her to train my puppy, she also helped work on some behavioral anxieties of my other rescue. Which was above and beyond!

I found myself feeling sad when our 5 weeks was up as Cole and I both looked forward to her energetic and positive presence in our home each week. I plan to practice the fundamentals Meghan taught us, and once the form is fully instilled, I will be engaging her to commence Phase 2!”

Tina G.

“Meghan is great! She is always on time and prepared for the session. My two dogs are having trouble with separation anxiety and just general commands. Meghan was able to detail a program just for my dogs. So far it has been working very well and I can already see the progress. She also is great with the numerous questions that my wife and I have. Overall great experience and a great price!”

Mathew S.

“I would highly recommend Meghan for dog training. After only 4 sessions she helped me gain control of my 9mo, high energy Cockapoo. He now walks well on leash, and obeys basic commands. Meghan helped me to be a more comfortable and confident dog owner. She was very dependable, and always happy to answer any questions that I had in between our training days.”

Kip M.

"Meghan was amazing. I really can't say enough about how much she was able to teach my wife and myself about how to train our dog. She didn't come in and train him, she taught us how to do it! She would always explain to us why we needed to do what we were doing and how it would benefit our boy. No question was too silly or too dumb, and believe me I had a lot of them. She was very patient and extremely thorough. I would highly recommend Meghan to anyone no matter where they are in the training process or what type of dog they have."

Terry H.

"Professional , very intelligent, fun and importantlly, successful with 8 month headstrong Yokiie, with 3 sisters who intefere! Available for after session consult, excellent recommendations for in-between trainings. Lovely manner, an excellent experience, and this is after 30 years of dog trainers and loving our previous trainers...didnt think another would be so good. High recommendations! Very very pleased."

Kathryn M.

"We're right in the middle of training with Meghan and absolutely adore her so far. Her instructions are clear to follow and she's always good to explain the reasoning behind why she's using a certain training method, and we're already beginning to see results. She's been wonderful to work with!"

Nita T.

"Excellent trainer, our dog's behavior improved after the first session, the sessions are always entertaining for both us and the dog. We will surely continue sessions with her. Much recommended!"

Michal B.

"Meghan was an incredible trainer to our dog, Jack! She explains things fully before you start and makes sure that your dog gets the EXACT training that's right for HIM. Very customized for every pet. I'd highly recommend her to anyone having issues or concerns with their pets. Jack has been 100 times better after a few weeks with Meagan. Her techniques are unbelievably effective. We thank her for making us and Jack a happier family. :) "

Laura W.

"Meghan was extremely professional and patient in her approach to training. She arrived promptly for each visit and spent quality time with me to discuss her training plan for the day. She is extremely knowledgeable about dog training and correcting behavioral issues. She was very kind to my dog and I appreciated all that she taught to both of us so that I now have a well behaved puppy! Thank you Meghan and good luck with your future training adventures!"

Carol R.

"We are very happy with Meghan's training. She helped me to understand behavior and needs of my 9 months puppy. Parker is a beagle mix and we were struggling with his destructive behavior because his energy level is so high. Meghan provided us with a personalized training plan and showed me how to teach Parker of self-control. I can say it works! Now I know how to deal with his behavior and I can enjoy the time with my boy. Thank you!"

Yuliya B.

"Meghan is such a great dog trainer! My boyfriend and I reached out to her to help train out 6 month year old golden retriever (Sophie). I cannot explain to you how much effort she put into training our dog. Before we met Meghan, I was becoming scared that Sophie was developing bad habits that couldn't be fixed. However, when Meghan came along, she taught us how to connect with Sophie and understand her needs. We have been able to fix the bad habits that Sophie was developing while continuing to improve her training. Meghan puts her heart and soul into pet care. For that reason, when our 4 week training session ended, we asked Meghan if we can continue training with her because we didn't want the progress to stop. Meghan was more than happy to continue training with us. She is hardworking and goes above and beyond to make sure we are understanding the concepts and are satisfied with the results. Thank you again Meghan for all that you have done. We were very fortunate to find someone like you to help us train Sophie!"

"My dog Rose Just loves Meghan! She has a genuine love of dogs and it shows through in her care for them! I have used Meghan for training and dog walking and am very pleased with both! I would definitely recommend her to others!"

Christine L.

“Meghan has been wonderful with our golden doodle, Buddy. He, and we 😊, have learned so much. He is very active, full of energy, full of curiosity and Meghan has helped him learn boundaries and self-control. We had no idea how to handle him so that we could enjoy having him around, and with her patient instruction of Buddy and us, he’s well on his way to being the ideal dog and companion we want him to be. Thank you, Meghan!”

Jenna M