With all the choices online these days, it can be overwhelming to figure out what products to get for your dog! This is why we put together customized Amazon product lists for you and your dog.


Customized Amazon Lists

We put these lists together so that our clients can be sure that they are getting the exact harness, treats, or any other equipment that we recommend. Having these tools prepared will make training your dog faster and easier for both of you. Below are just samples from each list, so be sure to click on the link or images to see the full lists.

Most Highly Recommended

All the basic essentials and products for the new puppy or dog owner.


For Reactive Dogs

Let’s set your reactive dog up for success!


For Nervous Dogs

Check out these tools that can help calm your nervous, anxious, or fearful dog.


Recommended Books

Want to learn more about dog training? These books are worth the read.

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