Dog Walking- An Extremely Important Endeavor


One thing I’ve learned about Bull Dogs is they love being outside. Milo here, a French Bulldog adores going on his walks. Every time I come in to greet him, I am overwhelmed by his response. He wakes up, wags his tail and instantly knows what time it is. He is ready. I let him out of his cage and he bolts to the door, in full anticipation of being outside. It doesn’t matter the temperature or time of day, he can’t wait for his half hour in nature.

Something I’ve learned in the past four months is that dogs need exercise, not only for their physical health but their peace of mind as well. According to The American Kennel Club, dog walking is one of the most popular ways to burn off dog’s energy! Other ways include playing outside, indoor exercise and going to the dog park.


American Kennel Club-

Letting your dog explore while breathing fresh air, gives them an opportunity to learn what is happening around town. Have you ever experienced your dog running up to a fire hydrant and making it his mission to smell every inch? What he’s actually doing is “reading the news”. He is learning what dog lives where. How big is the golden retriever next door? Is he bigger than me? Is the Yorkie two houses down in heat? Should I try breeding with her? Your dog is catching himself up on the latest “doggy gossip”! How cute! Your dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than our own, therefore, just imagine how many different and interesting things your dog can sense just by being outside? How exhausting!

Not only are walks interesting for your dog, they’re fun too! Imagine going to a party and telling every person there what is new in your life, over and over. How tired would you be? It’s the same way for your dog! They learn, through their sense of smell and by you providing them with the opportunity to get outside! They thank you for it by burning off energy and sleeping soundly the rest of the night. (AKA- not destroying their bed or worse your shoes or floor mats.)

Teaching your dog to walk politely however, can be a challenge. From my experience, having a dog that pulls, even if you have him on a tight leash can be frustrating. Teaching your dog to “walk politely” can provide you with the relief of knowing you have control as well as peace of mind that you are not hurting them. Polite walking is a wonderful game to play with your dog and is as easy as taking along a few extra treats. Be consistent and in no time, your dog will be walking right next to you.

In conclusion, giving your dog the opportunity to be outside not only allows them time to learn, but also gives you peace of mind after a long and stressful day. Keep in mind that just walking your dog may not be enough. Depending on your breed, you may need to be in a safe area where they can really run. It all depends on the size and needs of your pet. Who likes coming home to a destroyed doggie bed or worse, your carpet or door frame? Ensuring your dog is getting adequate exercises is the one of the most important things you can do for your dog’s lifelong health, happiness. and overall well being.

Alice Tong Dote